Why kids cannot drive cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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kids cannot drive cars because they don't have the knowledge of car parts and they are in small size because of that they could not reach the brakes

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Q: Why kids cannot drive cars?
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Can raccoons drive cars?

No, raccoons cannot drive cars.

Can kids drive cars?

Not legally.

Should only men drive cars?

no also kids should drive it

Should kids ride cars?

only 10 and up can drive parent`s cars

Are women allowed to drive in Yemen?

No. Women in the Middle East cannot drive cars.

How do littel kids drive real cars?

by stealing there parents lisens

Can you drive a car in destroy all humans 3?

I don't believe they are releasing a third version of Destroy all Humans, but if they do, I am sure you cannot drive cars, you play as a alian, you drive a huge space ship not cars.

Why can cars drive?

Actually, cars don't drive. People drive cars.

Are box cars with pedals legal for children to drive on the streets?

no because they cannot b registered

When can you drive in Switzerland?

You can drive in Switzerland 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no time restriction for private cars. Lorries cannot drive overnight.

Why don't kids drive cars?

It is against the law for a kid to drive a car. They do not have the skill or mental ability to safely drive a car. Besides they are too short to reach the pedals and see out the window. Lots of adults can't drive either let alone kids.

Can children drive a peel p50?

Children can drive the peel p50 but not on public roads. Only on a closed road with not cars around.