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Because once you start the engine you give it power so it start working, and this power is really so HIGH that your car can start from 0 MPH to 100 MPH or something like this. So for sure it would shake.

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Q: Why is your car shaking when you start the engine?
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What is wrong when a car is shaking from the engine?

it could be your engine mounts are needing replaced

Why car shaking Toyota Corolla?

The Corolla could be shaking for many reasons. Start by checking the wheel bearings and brakes for wear. Then check the engine to see if it running rough, causing the shake.

Is car shaking and car bucking the same thing?

No. Bucking, I would consider an engine performance issue and shaking would be suspension or steering issues.

Why does a engine start shaking once it is loaded?

A bad valve or plug.

Vigor 92 ls when you start the car it starts shaking but when you keep the foot on the pedal on drive mode it starts shaking again?

your problem is yu have a broken motor mount that will make the car shake when you start it and step on it

What causes engine hard starting and shaking after engine start?

Timing needs adjustment is the most likely cause.

Why car engine loud shaking engine light?

if the engine light is blinking a misfire condition has been detected. check plugs and wires.l

What does a clanking engine and shaking when you first start to drive mean?

go see a mechanic

My ford aerostar shakes after I start it?

Does it quit shaking when it warms up? What engine and year of Aerostar?

Why when you turn on the ac the engine start like shaking?

If the problem disappears when the shifter in placed in neutral it could be a transmission or engine mounts

Car shaking when you start the engine?

It could be the harmonic balancer. The rubber on it can deteriorate. If it runs better at higher RPMs, take a look underneath and look at it. The belt on it drives all the other units.

Car shaking while at a stop?

most likely misfiring cylinder(s) and/or worn engine mounts.