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your car idles low because it is hard for the engine to run fast. which sounds more comfortable, 1200 RPM, or 8000 RPM? the car isn't moving, and as such it doesn't need the engine to run fast to propel it, so the engine doesn't turn fast.

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Q: Why is your car at Low idel when starting the car?
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Why does the car stall when lights are on?

a weak battery, weak alternator , just a low idel speed or bad ground

Do you have to idel the car for the alternator to turn over?


High idle problem on a 1997 Saturn SC1 when car is in gear?

I have the same problem with my 98 sc1. After the car is warm I disconnected the Idel Air Valve Wire, the service engine light come on but the car didnt have the high idel problem. (the idel air valve also control the cold start "choke" you have to have it connected or it might quit from low idel and for your car to cold start the next day) I replaced the Idel Air Valve $45 and PCV Valve, and cleared the computer codes. Helped alot but didnt completely fix the problem. My next step is to buy a gasket for the throttle body.

When starting car engine idle is very low?

Since it is starting from 0, the engine idle is low.

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