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This question depends on the make model and year of the vehicle to answer.

It may also require the AC and heating type depending on the vehicle.

1988 Land Rover range rover.

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Q: Why is there no power to your ac compressor when the fuse is good?
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Why is there no power going to the compressor?

Assuming you are asking about the ac compressor, there would be two possibilities, blown fuse or low on freon.

Is there a fuse for the ac compressor?

Yes there is.

What do you look for if your ac compessor is not coming on but is full of freonand you know the ac compessor is good?

Check for a blown fuse in fuse block and also at the top of the compressor Bad switch Bad compressor clutch

Why would the ac compressor not get power with a good fuse on a 2003 intrepid?

The low pressure switch could be activated because the system is low on freon.

1996 ford escort no power to ac compressor?

If the belt's good, check the compressor clutch.

Where is the AC compressor fuse on a 1996 Windstar?

fuse 21

Does the AC compressor for an 86 Chrysler New Yorker have a fuse that may go out?

There is no fuse for the compressor itself, if the compressor is not working, the low pressure switch has activated and there is not enough refrigerant in the system. Have your AC system serviced by a good shop or your local Chrysler dealer.

Where is the ac fuse between the fuse box and ac relay on a 77 Chevrolet Malibu Classic under dash or the hood?

There is a fuse for the air conditioner and one for the fan. You have a power source to the fuse. From the fuse the relay gets it's power and then the fan and or the air conditioner compressor.

Where is the fuse for a ac compressor on a 1998 Ford Mustang?

Where is the fuse for the a/c compressor on a 1998 ford mustang

Your 1997 F-150 trucks AC fuse keeps burning out What could be causing this to happen and make it to wear you have no cold air?

Mabe your compressor clutch is no good. A good way to check it is to disconnect the wires that go to compressor then turn your ac on. If it does not burn the fuse it means your compressor clutch is bad.

Is there a AC fuse under the hood ON A 92 S10 PU?


Does a 2001 Tahoe have a ac compressor fuse?