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Sounds like your heater has dust bunnies and needs a good cleaning, when dust or fluff heats up it starts to singe or burn causing the burning smell.

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Q: Why is there a burning smell when the heat has been on for a while?
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Why do your breaks smell like there burning?

Friction from excessive braking causes heat, thus the lubricant on brakes release this burnt smell.

What does it mean if a burning smell is coming from the air vents and now the air and heat do not work?

i would get some one to check that out it sounds pretty scarry! i would stay out of that room for a while.

Why do your vents have burning rubber smell in home?

that usually happens when you turn the heat on after it has not been in use for a long time If you have forced air heat, the blower motor could be failing. You might need to have service man come and check it.

Why does my car smell like burning rubber only when the heat is on?

It could be your heater fan bearing. But more than likely its something in your engine compartment that is making the smell. Such as oil burning on the exhaust or a worn accessory belt.

Can smell antifreeze but no leaks visible no heat?

If your going through coolant then you have an internal head gasket leak you smell coolant because its getting into cylinder and burning

Just bought a new alternator so why the burning smell in the alternator?

Sometimes when parts are new, they have coatings and etc. that will smell when parts are warm. For example, alternator windings are coated with a electrical varnish. When the alternator is charging, it creates heat. This causes the paint to smell and odors such as a burning smell can be common for a couple of days.

Why does your new traverse smell funny like somethings burning?

during a brand new cars "break in" its normal to smell like somethings burning, coming from the brakes and exhaust...the metal on the disc brakes and the pads heat up for the first time making it smell like somethings burning, same goes for the catalytic converter in the exhaust system.

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