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Only water is produced

No carbon dioxide is produced

Less carbon dioxide produced or less global warming

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Q: Why is the fuel burned in the car with the aluminum alloy body better for the environment than petrol?
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Why is petrol and diesel harmful to the environment?

PETROL;;;;petrol produces 3 prominent harmful gases when burned in an internal combustion engine.nitrogen oxidescarbon monoxideunburnt hydrocarbon

What is better for the environment petrol or diesel?


Why isn't petrol burned in power stations?

Petrol is burned in your car

Why is it better for the environment if you burn hydrogen rather than petrol?

It's not

Is it better to use ethanol based petrol or the higher priced petrol in regards to what is best for the environment?

Normal petrol is better for the environment. The end product that comes out of your car is worse, but it takes roughly one and a quarter gallons of gas to make a gallon of ethanol. So from production to end result normal gasoline is better.

What poisonous gas can be formed from sulphur compounds when petrol is burned?

sulphur dioxide is formed from sulphur compounds when petrol is burned

Is petrol better or hydrogen?

The choice between petrol and hydrogen depends on factors such as availability, infrastructure, cost, and environmental impact. Petrol is currently more widely available and has a well-established infrastructure, but hydrogen is a cleaner alternative as it produces zero emissions when used in fuel cell electric vehicles. Ultimately, the "better" option will vary based on individual priorities and circumstances.

Does hydrogen form petrol when burned?

Hydrogen combines with oxygen when burned, forming H2O (water).

How does unleaded petrol harm the environment?

When it is created, hazardous waste from the refinery that does it will be disposed of into the environment. When it is burned in an automobile or other engine, it produces greenhouse gasses which harm the o-zone layer and decrease the quality of the air around us.

Why is petrol bad for plantes?

well i am thinking petrol does heaps of harm to the contaminates the atmosphere and soil and water.we should take care for the environment more better than do everything for our benefits.

Why is petrol bad for the environment?

In order to move the car forward petrol is burned. Petrol comes from underground and is from rottting trees decomposing over millions of years. Petrol has many carbon atoms in it that, when the petrol burns, react with oxygen to make CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The 2 reasons petrol is bad is 1. it takes millions of years to make so it isn't renuable and second when it burns it produces carbon dioxide which causes global warming.

Which two gases are made when petrol is burned?

carbon dioxide and water