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The car could be jumping when you switch gears for a number of different reasons. You might need to replace something.

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Q: Why is the car jumping when you switch gears?
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Where are the gears in the solar car?

There may not be any gears on an electric car. If you are asking about the control for direction like the gear shift on a normal car the is usually a switch on the dash.

What is a shift solenoid switch malfunction in suzuki baleno gti?

it sends like a message to the computer telling the car when to switch gears. When that goes out u probably only have the set gears below drive.

How do you know if you have a bad car transmission?

when going up a hill you can really notice the gears are jumping when changing. Also the car is also making a grinding sound. Is this the transmission?

Why does the engine rev after you switch gears?

After I switch gears in my 98 Saturn SC2 the gear 'slips'. Why?

What gears are in the garage?

a car in in gears

What do gears do on a car?

The gears on a car provide the power to drive the wheels.

Range change gearbox?

4 gears over 4 gears with a switch to switch between low and high 1234 then 5678

Why wont my car switch gears from park to drive?

There may be a problem inside the transmission, or the linkage could be loose or disconnected in some way.

Do you have to put you 1998 gmc jimmy in neutral to switch into or out of 4 wd?

I would say with any car you would have too. the gears of a car work like a zipper with the teeth of the different gears. when you put a car into 4wd or 2wd, you are trying to engage or disengage the gears for those sets of wheels. when switching gears, the clutch goes in, effectively disengaging the gears so that it may be rotated to the next then re-engaged. Because your car is automatic though I don't know how that effects it. one thing though, it can't hurt it try it that way first.

You have to turn car off to get it to change gears?

no u hav 2 change gears when the car is on its time to get a new car if this is the case

How do you switch gears on a bike Pokemon?

press b

How do you switch gears while doing a burnout?