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An accelerator pedal is named as such because it acts to accelerate or change the velocity of the vehicle. In most cases it causes the engine to use more fuel to act to cause a force (or something that accelerates an object) on the vehicles tires. This cause the vehicle to either speed up, or maintain a speed, or fight a deceleration.

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Q: Why is the accelerator pedal in a car called by this name?
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What pedal makes a car go faster?

It is the accelerator pedal.

What pedal in the car is pushed to make the car go faster?

The pedal in the car you push to go faster is the accelerator pedal.

Why is the accelerator in a car called by this name?

You accelerate if you press it.

Where is the accelerator pedal positioned in a left hand steered car?

The accelerator pedal on a left hand drive automobile is located on the same side of the car as the steering wheel also known as the driver position and on the floor with the other pedal or pedals. When only two pedals are present as in the case of an automatic transmission car the brake pedal is to the left of the accelerator pedal. In the case of a manual transmission auto the three pedals in order from left to right are; clutch, brake, accelerator.

What 2 controls on a car a change in speed?

The transmission and the accelerator pedal.

How do you raise the RPM in my 1993 integra?

With the car on, press the accelerator pedal.

What two controls on a car change speed?

The brake pedal and the accelerator pedal can cause a change in speed.

What side is the brake pedal on?

In a car with manual gearbox, the brake pedal is usually in the middle. In my first car, the accelerator was in the middle, which caused a few 'interesting' moments!In American cars with automatic transmission, the brake is on the left and the accelerator on the right. On a standard transmission (stick-shift), the brake is in the middle, with the clutch on the left and accelerator on the right.

What causes car speeding?

Poor driver judgement and excessive use of the accelerator pedal.

What us the pedal configuation in a manual car in France?

On the far left is the clutch. The middle pedal is the brake, and the one on the right is the accelerator.

Which side is the clutch pedal in European cars?

same as an American car clutch brake accelerator

What is an ICV?

An icv is an idle control valve. It controls the idle of the car (without the accelerator pedal depressed).