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If all that was done is a fluid change--talke it back to the serviceman who did it! If an automatic has low fluid or filter in wrong, it won't go, and/or cause damage by not getting fluid where it needs to go.

If You changed fluid; check level. Add fluid as needed. If you didn't change filter, then it is not the problem, as it worked on old filter. (Best to change it with fluid, though.)

Also, look for any gross leaks from transmission. These must be addressed, too.

The condition of the fluid would be important before you changed it. The fluid might have been bad, "Burnt". which would mean your trans fluid is bad and now the clutches have gone bad also.

It is always better to change fluid often before burnt smell.

If the fluid has a burnt smell to it, then been changed out. The new fluid will further damage the transmission, ie: clutches completely smooth, no forward or reverse, etc.

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Q: Why is that car won't move after transmission fluid change?
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What if your vt wont move in drive?

check transmission fluid level bad transmission?

Why wont my car move when put to drive?

Check transmission fluid level.

Your car wont move in drive?

Check transmission fluid level Perhaps needs transmission rebuild

Why wont your 1999 eclipse shift out of first gear?

Check transmission fluid level (auto) Change transmission fluid and filter (auto)

Why wont car go in to gear after changing transmission fluid?

If the transmission would not go into gear before changing the transmission fluid, then the fluid change was for naught. Hopefully you changed the filter in there, too. If the tranny was busted before the oil change, then simply changing the oil is not going to fix the problem.

1993 Lincoln town car while driving feels like it wont shift?

Change the transmission fluid and filter may help problem if not may have to have transmission rebuilt

Why wont a 1984 Chevy s-10 shift gears?

Most likely causes are low transmission fluid level, dirty transmission fluid, or clogged transmission fluid filter.

Why wont your Nissan forklift shift into a gear?

You may have a broken transmission or be low on transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid up but car wont move?

If the transmission has electronic controls, then a module could be bad. If not, then the transmission could need a rebuild. If it is a front wheel drive, check the cv joints for damage.

Your 2001 ford escape wont move when in drive?

There's a small sensor on the transmission that the size of a spark plug.It's on the driver side of the transmission near the shift linkage

91 buick skylark 3speed transmission wont shift out of low?

Check of change fluid and filter--if this doesn't help it may be time for a rebuild

88 Chevy Cheyenne 4wd 5 speed transmission wont go into reverse?

This is commonly a problem with the transmission filter or fluid. Replace the transmission fluid or have your transmission filter taken in for maintenance.