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well because you get fit and you mit ot have a car and cars are do not get you fit at all

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Q: Why is riding a bike better than driving a car?
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When might riding a bike have an advantage over flying in an airplane?

riding a bike can have an advantage over a plane because if you don't want to pay money than a bike is better and that riding a bike gives you cardio.

Is bike riding better than driving?

no, because like our country tells us in a 2 wheeler vehicles is you put one foot 6 feet under the ground..

Why was the first tire made?

To make the bike riding experience better than solid wheels.

Are mountain bikes better than freestyle ones?

Depends on what you want from your bike. A MTB is likely to have better riding characteristics than a freestyle bike, important if you want to cover any distances with your bike. But if you only want to ride at skate parks, then a freestyle bike is probably the better choice.

Is a two stroke better than a four stroke for play?

Foe a play bike, I don't know that one is better than the other. Think about where you would be riding and ride one of each and see what fits your riding style better.

Why is learning to ride a bike better than driving a car?

It is healthier for you and better for the environment, and is a lot easier too.

Is there a separate motorcycle driving test?

There is not a separate motorcycle driving test other than the ones you will take at the DMV. Once received, you can start riding your bike on the public streets.

Can riding a bike help a fractured ankle?

Bike riding is low-impact, so you can start riding faster than if you were to wait to be fit enough to run.

Is snowboarding better than dirt bike riding?

That's a matter of opinion. You have to come up with your own ideas and try both.

How fast is 12 mph on a dirt bike?

12mph is the same whether you are riding a dirt bike, a bicycle, driving a car, or running. 12mph is also about 3mph slower than a fit person running.

How do you convince your parents to let you bike to school?

tell them that its better for the environment than taking the bus or driving a car.

How is a jump bike different than a regular bike?

A jump bike is more suited toward jumps, tricks and fancy riding. A regular bike is not suited toward these types of activities but mostly for normal riding.

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