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Safety glasses when working around pressurize chemicals/liquid, underneath a rust car- can save your eye sight. Most chemicals are hazardous/poisonous -oils, refrigerant, coolant, cleaning solvents.

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Q: Why is it important to wear protective clothing and use other appropriate safety equipment during the maintenance process?
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5 Why is it important to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment?

during sport or work a lot injury could happen .. many people face to injure their self because they don't wear the right equipment or they don't use any protective. so to keep your self and others around you out of any injury or dead it is important to wear protective clothing and equipment...

What is the most important lab procedure?

PPE ( personal protective equipment) safety.

Why is it important to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment?

It is to prevent you from getting hurt. So you dont have to go to the hospital to pay money and waste your money just for not wearing the equipment you need to wear.Follow the instructions on what youre riding.Read directions for everything you do :) Thats what my parents told me

Why is it important for an establishment to be equipped with appropriate cleaning tools and equipment?


What personal protection equipment do you need for waxing and why is it important?

Applying most wax products would not require the use of personal protective equipment.

Why it is important to keep equipment in an office hygienic and what the appropriate standards are?

so you dont get a disease and die!

Why is it important to wear protective clothing in a clean room and other safety equipment?

So you don't contaminate the room when you enter it

Why is personal protective equipment so important in a laboratory?

PPE is important in the laboratory because it helps to prevent you from experiencing the harmful effects of chemicals being handled.

Why is it important to keep cleaning equipment well maintained?

Cleaning equipment maintenance is very important so that it can manage to do the job properly. It will also make the equipment last longer. They collect dirt and dust. If they are not well maintained, their internal parts can be damaged.

To adopt preventive maintenance or break down maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is an important concept used in factories and industrial plants. These measures are taken in order to make sure that all components and machines parts are working smoothly and avoiding equipment breakdown in working hours.According to industrial millwrights, you need to have a proper PM program to keep your industrial machines in good working hours.

Which two pieces of protective equipment are most important for preventing chemicals from spilling on skin?

A lab coat, gloves, and goggles are important in protecting and preventing chemicals from spilling on the skin.

How do I use protective pants?

When you are operating dangerous equipment, it is important to wear the right clothing. Designed for people operating chainsaws, protective pants create a barrier between your leg and the blade. They can be worn by themselves or over clothing.