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because a car creates a lot of pollution and bikes dont create any at all so the world will have less pollution, which wouldn't mealt the ice caps and cause the world to flood, plus it is a lot healthier than a car and burns off a lot of fat.

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Q: Why is it important to ride a bike instead of in a car?
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How do you take care of our land?

ride a bike instead of a car it wastes oil

How does riding a bike make the air cleaner?

It is just a way to say, If you use your bike instead of your car, You'll prevent the air of pollution!

How do you take care of our land resources?

ride a bike instead of a car it wastes oil

How do you stop poluting?

You can ride your bike or walk or run, ect. instead of riding in a car.

How can you stop the environment from being polluted?

You ride a bike to school instead of going in the car because in a car it uses electricity. :) From Fredrick

Why do you ride a bike and drive a car?

You ride a bike because it has to be balanced by the operator.

How does riding bikes clean the air?

Bike riding doesn't really clean the air, but if you ride a bike instead of driving a car, then the bike has reduced the pollution coming from cars with one.

What can you do to change your environment?

You can recycle, reuse plastic and paper bags, walk or ride a bike instead of using the car to get places.

How do you ride with a friend?

in a car or on a two person bike....

What long term affect would riding a bicycle do for the environment?

Every time you ride a bike somewhere instead of taking the car you're saving the environment from some pollution. The more/longer you trade car for bike the more pollution you've avoided.

Do you need licence to ride a gasolin bacycle in Pennsylvania?

No, is not a car or bike.

What is the purpose of a bike carrier on a car?

A bike carrier on a car is used to carry bicycles on your car, that do not fit inside of the car. They are often used for bikers to ride on trails, or in races.