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The train is heavier than the car is and the train has more things in the back. The train is heavier than the car is and the train has more things in the back.

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Q: Why is it harder to stop a train than a car even when the car is moving faster?
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Why is harder to stop a train than a car even when the car is moving faster?

because the train have a power heavy than car fast thats it

Can an electric train go faster than plane?

A fast train can be faster than a slow plane. But even a regular plane will be faster than fast train.

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According to our testing Mario can drive faster then a train. to get that answer we drove Mario onto the track and drove into the train after it has just passed. This proves that Mario is faster then a train because to catch up with the train that has just passed we would have had to be faster then the train. Also we tested by waiting on the track until we could hear the train right behind us and we would start driving. Soon after we stopped again and we could barely even hear the train behind us.

What is faster a train or a airplane?

Planes, on average, are faster than trains. With most planes traveling at 400 to 500mph while even the fastest conventional train in regular operation only goes 200mph

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Impossible. Any moving object would become infinitely faster, and gravity would be infinitely stronger. Friction keeps the tectonic plates from moving any faster. This would be impossible to imagine, even for the most scientific minds.

Why you stay at same place when you jump in moving train or bus?

When you are inside a moving train or bus, you are moving at the same speed as that train or bus, and you have the same momentum, so even when you jump, and are no longer in contact with the floor, your existing momentum will carry you along with the vehicle, under normal circumstances. If you happen to jump at a time with the train or bus is changing the speed or direction of its travel, however, you will find that you do not stay in the same place, with respect to the train or bus. You need to have solid contact with the vehicle for its own changes of motion to alter your own motion.

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What good comes from cars?

You can get somewhere faster than taking a train or bus that only goes 25 mph in school zones even on the weekend.

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An electric train is moving north at 100kph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10kph. Which way does the smoke blow?

What? Electric trains don't even have smoke