Why is it easier to push a car than bus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well - the obvious answer is - because a car weighs less than a bus !

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Q: Why is it easier to push a car than bus?
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Is it easier to push a car or a bus?

It's easier to push a car because the force needed to push it is less.

How does Newtons 2 law explain why it is easier push a bicycle than to push a car with the same acceleration?

Essentially you're looking at F = ma acceleration, a = the same for both vehicles. The mass, m of a bike is much less than that of a car therefore; The required force to push a bike is much less than that required for a car. Therefore it's easier to push a bike.

Why do you step back when pushing a car?

you step back because it's easier to push the car.

How many times is a bus bigger than a car?

depends on what car you're comparing to what bus.

What is the measurement difference between the length of a car and the length of a bus?

The bus is longer than the car

What is faster a car or a bus?

Acar is faster than any bus

Is a motorbike easier to ride than a car?

ya motor bike is quite easier to ride than car

Why does streamlining increase the top speed of a car?

because it makes its easier for the engine to push the car through the air.

Which is more aerodynamic a school bus or a small car?

A small car. The bus has a large flat area in the front that'd be perpendicular to the airflow which makes the air push the bus back. The small car has a smoother surface with curves to allow the air to just flow past it.

What would need to happen for a car to have the same momentum as a school bus?

The car would need to have more velocity than the school bus.

Why is it easier to push a car once it is already in motion?

It is already in motion and therefore needs less force.

Is a car faster than a bus?

Yes because a car doesn't have to stop at every stop