Why is gas so high in the US?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because of the Arabs that hate America. I am not racist! =D

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Q: Why is gas so high in the US?
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What product in the US has a high supply?


Why is gas so high in energy?

it comes out of you after beans

Why is ozone hotter?

First the basic reason is that it is a green house gas. It shields us from the harmful UV light of high energy as a mirror. So it is hotter.

What are the importances of Guy's gas law?

we need money for health that's why gas is so HIGH

What does Mitt Romney think about gas prices?

He thinks they are to high to so he is going to lower the prices of gas

What country does the us get most of their gas?

The biggest supplier of OIL to the US is Canada. Most of the gasoline is from our own country, as we refine the oil we import. So don't go blaming the Arabs for high gasoline prices!

Why do people find it so dumb that gas prices are so high?

I know right? Its like we don't have enough gas so that's why its a lot of money!

How ionisation occurs in gas molecules?

Ionization occurs in gas molecules, either by heating the gas to a high enough temperature, or by applying a high enough voltage through the gas, so that the gas molecules lose electrons, causing the gas to be ionized, at which point it is a plasma.

Why is ozone gas so important?

See "Why is ozone so important to us?"

Why are gas prices so high in the US?

Compared to the rest of the world Gas prices are very low. In Japan they pay almost the same amount for a Liter that we pay for a gallon. In Europe they pay almost twice what we pay per gallon.

Why is gas so much money?

because there is a very high demand for gas right now in time and the higher demand you have the higher the gas prices will be.

Why is gas so high?

Because it is a world that is greedy and people are out only for themself.