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Q: Why is dirt considered a major enemy to a vehicle?
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Is a dirt bike considered a vehicle?

A Dirt Bike is considered a vehicle.

Is a dirt bike considered technology?

Yes, a dirt bike is considered technology because it is a motor powered vehicle like a car: thus being considered technology or an advance in intelligence.

Is dirt an acid or base or neutral?

Dirt is usually considered as a neutral.

What is a dirt buggies?

A dirt buggy(known as dune buggy) is a motorized vehicle that iis used in races.

What if you didn't have steam engines?

If we didn't have steam engine the dirt of the vehicle will not go out and will be stored in the vehicle and the vehicle will not work well

Can dirt be considered a producer?


What are some major land forms in Belgium?


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What is overturning of vehicle?

you take a top heavy vehicle go bout 50 on some dirt then turn as sharp and as quickly as you can so you will be overturned

What brand of dirt are used in Major League Baseball?


Where would one be able to purchase used dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes can be purchased from any vehicle dealership that sells motorcycles and dirt bikes. Also, one can shop for it at any sports equipment store.

Is the space dirt in air a harm too humans?

The space dirt in air could be a harm to humans in large quantities. In most cases, space dirt is not considered to be harmful.