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in Greece people are really stupid and they are to lazy to do the roads and railways so HAH! ( stupid Greeks )

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Q: Why is building railways and roads such a challenge?
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Would landforms would be easy to cross when building roads or railways?

gently rolling hills.

a civil engineer designs mostly?

Roads, buildings, canals, dams, railways, tunnels, flood and coastal defences

What connect important cities in India?

Railways and Roads

What connects Europe?

Roads, Railways, canals, airports, undergrounds

Why did the british build roads and railways in India?

The British did build the roads and railways in India to facilitate easy movement of goods and services in India. They also wanted to open India to the outside world.

What are junction towns?

They are towns which are located at the crossroads of major roads and railways.

How are slopes marked in a roads and railways?

it is marked by a measuring metre

How did British Rule in India help us?

they helped in abolishing the social evils of India - sati,sacrifice of the cow etc.They even introduced railways in India,they helped in building roads on mountains.

What is the difference between railways and roadways?

roadways roads can be constructed in a short time and does not need huge investment. roads can negotiate high terrain and sharp turns. roads provide essential services during natural calamities and wars. railways construction of railways takes longer time and needs huge investment. high terrain and sharp turns become dangerous for railways. rail tracks get normally disrupted during natural calamities and wars

Why are the indian waterways are used as important mode of transport?

Since India is such a large country, waterways are very efficient avenues to transport goods and people. The cost of building more roads and railways is prohibitive.

Why are railways used more than roads in India?

indians can't drive cars.

What is a transportation system?

Land transportation involves vehicles that travel on roads, highways, or railways.