Why is automotive is important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because it keeps jobs and it also lets us drive cars. We can even invest in it and share their profits.

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Q: Why is automotive is important?
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Who is the most important person in an automotive workshop?

The Director

Are the mounting bracket dimensions and location important in automotive compressor application?


Why are airplanes so important?

they make us go places we we could not go with are automotive

What are the raw materials used in the automotive industry?

Steel which is really important for them and oil i think?

Why are math skills essential for an automotive sales representative?

becayse it's important to be good in maths

What are the economic activities for turkey?

Tourism is an important part of the Turkish economy. Other important industries in Turkey include shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

Cost of replacing a car radiator?

Cost for automotive repair can vary. The important thing is to visit someplace you trust and get quality work done. I have always had good experiences with Midas as well as the automotive department with my dealership.

I'm a mechanic, but I'm not certified. Would it be important for me to pursue my automotive certification?

It would only help you to gain your automotive certification. Your earning potential would go way up after that. Getting your automotive certification would not only reflect better on you, but also on the company you are employed by. It's definitely worth it.

Difference between automotive engineering and automotive designing?

Automotive engineering is how the car will perform. Automotive design is what the car will look like.

What is a complete automotive?

A complete automotive probably refers to the complete automotive history or record.

Where is TRW Automotive headquartered?

The TRW Automotive headquarters is located in Livonia, Michigan, USA. TRW Automotive is a leader in automotive safety. It is the world's largest automotive supplier and one of the top financial performers in the industry.

What part of speech is the word automotive?

"Automotive" is an adjective.