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Antifreeze helps the engine run cooler in the hot months and prevents the coolant from freezing in cold weather.

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Q: Why is antifreeze required to be added to an engines coolant?
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New engine in storage does it require antifreeze?

If it has never had any water/coolant added, then no it doesn't require antifreeze.

Where do you put antifreeze in your 2005 Honda Civic?

Antifreeze is added to a 2005 Honda Civic at the coolant overflow tank. Antifreeze is added at a ratio of 50/50 with water for optimal cooling.

Is antifreeze added to car radiators to lower the freezing point of water?

Yes. The antifreeze/coolant also raises the boiling point and has lubricant and anti corrosive properties.

Can you put antifreeze in cars from 2000 2004?

In countries which have a winter season ALL cars should have the correct amount of antifreeze added to their coolant fluids. If this is not added and the fluid freezes the expansion of the ice will crack the engine block.

What can you do if you have already added the green antifreeze?

It depends on which antifreeze/coolant you used. The prestone brand claims it can be mixed with any other brand. Read the bottle to see if it has the same claim

Where does the antifreeze go for a 95 Plymouth Voyager?

To put in more antifreeze in a 1995 Plymouth Voyager, located the reservoir near the radiator. Antifreeze is no longer added directly to the radiator. It is put into the plastic reservoir that is labeled radiator or coolant overflow.

Where is the coolant port on Pontiac Aztek?

Not sure what you mean by coolant port... Antifreeze can be added to the cap on the passenger side of the radiator if it is low and the reservoir on the driver's side should be filled to the line when cool

Do you need antifreeze to drive your car?

No, but antifreeze has corrosion inhibitors in it's formula. These help to stop corrosion forming internally, and will also protect the head gasket from corroding. Antifreeze added to the water in your cooling system lowers the freezing point of the coolant, preventing the liquid from freezing in the cold winter. It also raises the boiling point of the coolant. If you drive your car with water and no antifreeze, your car will heat up and the water will get hot enough to boil over. With antifreeze, the coolant will continue to do its job of keeping the engine from overheating which can result in damage to the engine.

What engine coolant to use in 1997 F-250 Powerstroke?

today's antifreeze is very much standardized. you go to any auto supplier buy the antifreeze which is on sale and follow the instruction will give you a new fill of antifreeze. WRONG! The following is quoted from Geno's Garage Tutorial: The coolant requirements of Diesel engines are not the same as those of a typical gasoline-powered engine. The correct coolant for your Power Stroke Diesel is an ethylene glycol (EG) type antifreeze. Ford Premium Coolant is one appropriate ethylene glycol coolant. If you have to substitute use a coolant with Coolant Specifications: ESE-M97B44-AAlso: Coolant for your Power Stroke Diesel needs to be more than just ethylene glycol based. The coolants marketed to the general automotive world are blended with a higher concentration of silicates (for dissimilar metal protection). Antifreeze formulated specifically for Diesel engines should be a low-silicate type. Unquote Each time you buy a gallon of antifreeze you also need to buy a gallon of distilled water. Water that has minerals in it, or hard-water, should not be used because the minerals will lower the boiling point and increase corrosion in the system. To prevent corrision, I use distilled water in everything in my vehicle that requires water to be added. Battery, windheild washers, etc. You can usally buy it at Walmarts for fifty cents a gallon.

What Ratio of water and antifreeze is needed to keep water from freezing?

Coolant container will say if it is pre-mixed or full strength. If full strenght, mix it 50/50 with water. Pre-mixed coolant can be added "as-is"

Is antifreeze needed for heating system in car?

Coolant, usually referred to as "antifreeze," protects the engine as pure water cannot. Added to water, the coolant raises the boiling point, lowers the freezing point, protects against corrosion and lubricates the water pump. In a pinch, you can run the engine on water but you will get the best service from your engine if you keep a good charge of coolant in the cooling system.

Where do you put antifreeze in a mini Cooper?

Coolant is added to a mini cooper in the equalizing tank. Some models have a flip up lid, while others have a screw on lid.