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California has one of the toughest laws on pollution in the nation. The reasoning was to cut down on harmful emissions. Earlier cars had a "smog pump" that only put more drag on the engine and reduced MPG figures. A faulty Cat Converter will also cause performance problems.

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Q: Why is a catalytic converter required in every car in California?
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Do you need a catalytic converter in American fork?

Catalytic Converters are required in every state and city in the United States including American Fork, Utah. It is illegal to remove them.

Does a 1992 auto have to have a catalytic converter in Mass?

Yes, every car after 1975 is required by federal law to have one.Yes, every car after 1975 is required by federal law to have one.

Do you need to have a catalytic converter in Arizona?

Yes, you have to have a catalytic converter in every state if the car came equipped with one when new. It is against federal law to remove one.

Is it illegal for a dealer to sell a car without a catalytic converter?

Yes and No. A dealer should not be able to sell a car without a catalytic converter. However, the dealer should assume that every car it purchases has a catalytic converter. Therefore, if the dealer was unaware, then the dealer has no liability in selling a car without a CAT. Ultimately, the liability lies in the individual whom removed the catalytic converter in the first place.

Is it legal to remove catalytic converter in new york?

It is flatly illegal to remove the cat converter in every state in the union. If you get caught, you get burned - bad.

Do cars in New Mexico require a catalytic converter?

All vehicles registered in, or commuting at least 60 days into, Bernalillo County are required to pass an emissions test every two years. Part of the emissions test is a visual inspection to confirm that the vehicle has a catalytic converter(s) installed. Outside of Bernalillo County, state or local laws do not (as far as I know) require catalytic converters, but Federal law may prohibit you from removing your cats from your vehicle. Federal law requires all cars as built after 1975 to be equipped with a catalytic converter.

Is it legal to remove a catalytic converter on your own car in CA?

It's illegal to remove a cat converter in every state in the U.S. It's a Federal law, not State

Can replacing the flange gasket to exhaust manifold clear a p0420?

Not likely because: Code p0420 refers to a problem with your catalytic converter. The engine computer is able to test that converter by using an oxygen sensor before and after the converter. The computer can only test the converter under very specific driving conditions. If the computer determines that it is a good time to test the catalytic converter it will run the test. It compares the oxygen sensor readings in front of the converter to the readings behind the converter to see if the catalytic converter is functioning properly. If it is not functioning properly it will trigger a p0420. Sometimes if a catalytic converter is on the virge of failing it may fail one test and pass the next. This will cause your check engine light to come off and on every once in a while when the test is performed.

What are the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter of a 1999 Nissan sentra se?

a low whistling noise every time you release the gas pedal usually coincides with a dieing catalytic converter Rattle, check engine light, stalling problems, low power, strange exhaust odor,

What is in a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter works by the various precious minerals and metals inside it. Quite simply they convert the dangerous chemicals inside the exhaust gases(carbon monixide,NOx etc) into less harmful ones (carbon dioxide etc). Due to the minerals and metals inside though they are often target to thieves as they can fetch quite a high price at the scrap yard. The catalytic converters that got stole off the HGV's at our work had a value of £800!Catalytic converters work by having the heated gases react with the precious metals in the catalytic converter. There is platinum palladium and rhodium in a catalytic converter all three are very expensive and rare metals. Because of the honeycomb shape of the catalytic biscuit there is a lot of surface area for the gas to be neutralized on.Prior to catalytic converters being on every car for every mile you drove your car would punch out somewhere around 100g's of pollution. After the addition of catalytic converters with platinum and palladium this number dropped to less than 1g of pollution per mile. After the addition of rhodium it dropped N/E which is non detectable.

Your 87 samurai sensor light is on what is the light for?

It tells you to check the catalytic converter every so many miles and resets under the steering column with a slide switch.

What is the problem if your car needs oil added every three days but none is showing on the ground?

It could be burning the oil, but if the catalytic converter is working reasonably well it might not show out the exhaust pipe.