Why is a car boot called a boot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is called a trunk in the U.S. It is called a boot in U.K. because that was the name given to the seat at the back of a horse-drawn coach where the coachman sat, which later became a storage area.

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Q: Why is a car boot called a boot?
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What is the trunk of a car called in the UK?

the boot

What is the term in car where you keep luggage at the back?

It is called the boot.

What is the British word for trunk?

On a car, the rear compartment is called the "boot".

What is the back part in a car that you put goods called?

The boot or the trunk.

What does boot mean in Aussie English?

Probably the meaning you are after is the storage area of a motor car. For example, a car-boot sale is where people take goods in the boot of their car, and sell them in a market, which might be a large car-park for example. In North America it is called a trunk.

What is that thing you call on a tire on your car that cops place there?

It's called a boot.

What is vehicle based flea market called?

car boot sale In the US they are called a tailgate market.

Why does your car boot not open on a Kia Rio?

car boot is not opening

What is the back thing of your car called?

the back thing of a car is a boot or often know as trunk. Also on top of the trunk is a thing called a spoiler

Who invented the car boot?

It is not on record who invented the car boot. However, it is believed that one of the automobile manufacturers came with the design of the car boot.

What is car boot?

The boot is also called the trunk . It can also be what the parking enforcement officer puts on your wheel to keep from moving it for unpaid traffic tickets.

A hard boot is also called?

its also called a warn bootfish p6 FTW^^ Warm boot would imply that the system was already on think of when you start your car for the first time on a cold dayCorrect answer is COLD~tekno