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Black absorbs the sun's ultraviolet rays/energy making the car hotter than, slver or white.

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Q: Why getting in a dark car in the summer is unpleasent?
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Why is it better to have a light coloured car in the summer than a dark one?

You must know that white (light colored object) absorbs the least amount of heat and dark colored objects absorb the most heat. Hence in summers, a light colored car will absorb less heat and keep the car cool while in winters, the dark cars will absorb more heat and keep the car warm.

Is it true that different color automobiles some how draw heat?

Dark color vehicles wil be hotter than lighter colored vehicles. The surface of a white car vs. a black car in the summer can be 50 degrees cooler.

Do white cars stay coler in summer?

Well, that depends on the interior of the car, too. Bright colors, like white, don't absorb much sunlight, thus, making it cooler than dark colors would, like black, drak grey, dark brown, etc. The material in the car also matters.

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