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manual or automatic?

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Q: Why doesn't my car go into gear with engine running?
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What does a clutch have to do with cars?

the clutch disconnects the gearbox from the driveshaft so that when u change gears it doesnt instantly stop the car. it is also used when u stop at a traffic light or something cause it disconects the engine from the gear box so the engine can keep running without putting the car into netrel

How much are restored 1972 Chevelle worth?

all depends on your engine and running gear and if it's a #'s matching car.

Is it bad for the car engine if you change third gear to second gear in 30mph?

If would not be bad for a car engine to shift from third to second gear if you are traveling at 30mph.

Car doesnt move when put into gear?

When the shifting linkage is disconnected the car will appear to go into gear but not move. The car will not move when the transmission fluid is low.

1987 corsa automatic sometimes when you start the engine and put in gear the sports light flashes on the dash and feels like the car is stuck in third gear pulling away?

Change the gearbox oil and see if that helps. If it doesnt it will be the gear selection sensor.

What causes A car to stop running when put in gear?

If it's a newer model car it could be neutral safety switch or torque convert lock out switch. Is your check engine light on?

Is it bad to put the gear in neutral while the car is running?


How do you shift out of park when car is not running on a 2011 Buick Lacrosse?

the new cars gear will not move unless the car is running

Why does your power steering PULL to the Right when the car is on jack stands?

If the wheels turns to the right by itself with the engine running the steering gear or rack and pinion has failed.

What is idling of engine?

A car that is stopped with the engine running.

What gear should you start the engine in a stickshift car?

You start the engine in neutral.

When it's cold the car will start but when I put it into gear it often stalls Why?

Because when the engine is sitting there not warmed up with any fluids running through the components, and suddenly it gets put into gear, it stalls to send a warning that the engine is still cold..always warm up a vehicle when the weather is cold! ALWAYS! even a new car, if its cold you must let the car work itself into driving conditions....try running a mile with absolutely no liquid running through you, see how many times YOU stall..