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Check that the steering column is not obstructed

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Q: Why does your right rear brake make a loud scraping noise when going down the road?
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There is a loud scraping noise coming from your front right tire I just had that bearing changed can there be any link between the two 1995 mazada precidia?

Could be the dust shield is scraping the rotor causing the noise.

What is causing the noise you hear when you turn right left and slowing down?

Type of noise - scraping, clicking? Type of vehicle? it's neither scraping or clicking it's kind of like a humming sound vehicle is 99 le Sabre

Grinding noise coming from the right side on your dodge neon?

Check the brakes for worn pads. The pad backer scraping the rotor is the most common cause of this type of noise.

Still have roaring noise with new right and left front hub bearings?

Bearings misassembled, tire nosie, brake noise, noise in axle, noise in transmission, etc.

There is a scraping noise from the right front side of a 95 cavalier sounds like a brake rub but happens when slowing down without putting brakes?

I had the same issue 2 weeks ago. Happened only when wheel was turned to the left (left turn or driving a curve.) or coasting at low speed. Turns out I needed front brakes. Noise has dissappeared since.

Can brake rotors cause a rubbing noise when turn right or left?

Sometimes not all the time

Why do I get a tingling in my right hip when noise is going into my right ear particularly in the hairdressers?

left side

What would cause a squealing noise when I drive to the right?

possibly a bad should get all brakes done

Why does my car make noise right after it just had a brake service?

Effectively, your new brakes need to "break in." Your old brakes, before they started making noise matched your rotors. Any tiny grooves that may have developed, or other abnormalities, matched the pads. Your new brake pads and/or rotors simply need to match up, after a few days you should notice the noise going away. Other causes of this can be brake dust, rust on the rotors, replacing just the pads with really old rotors or improper installation. If your new brakes are making noise, don't worry, but if the noise doesn't go away in at least a week, or if you experience any reduction in braking performance, call your mechanic right away.

1997 Volvo 850 squealing noise right before coming to a complete stop no noise upon initial braking or after releasing brake?

Your brake pads may need to be replaced, or your rotors may be "Pitted" and may need to be "Turned"

When you brake your car makes a knocking noise at the back right of the car?

With rear drum brake:-The brake drum may be out of round or may have a rust spot in it. -The brake drum may be cracked.With rear disc brake:-The brake disc may have extreme lateral runout or be mounted improperly. -The brake disc may be cracked. This would be dangerous-Combination of soft brake pads and a directional finish on the disc surface. A directional finish may go away with use and take the noise with it.Regardless of brake type:A brake disc or drum mounted to a bent hub flange or bent axle shaft can cause this noise.

Why does your front right wheel make a high pitched noise except when you brake but the brakes are starting to grind when you brake you own a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ?

The high pitched squeal is the built in brake pad warning device telling you the brakes need attention. The grinding noise is what happens when you ignore the squeal warning noise. Have a trusted mechanic service the brakes NOW!