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did u try and change the fuse , or the switch

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Q: Why does your overdrive button not work?
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How does the overdrive button work on a Ford Windstar?

Pressing it will disable the overdrive.

How does the overdrive button work on a dodge truck 1999?

When you push the button in, a signal is sent to the PCM to "block" overdrive.When you push the button in, a signal is sent to the PCM to "block" overdrive.

Overdrive button does not work on your 1993 dodge Dakota?

Get it fixed

Do you have to push the overdrive button on your 1998 Toyota Sienna?

yes i have overdrive button

Where is the overdrive button on a 1996 Toyota tercel?

overdrive button is located on gear shifter on automatice transmission.

Where is the overdrive button located on a Toyota Camry?

On a Toyota Camry, the overdrive button will be located either on or near the shifter. It will read 'overdrive' or 'O/D.'

Why would your overdrive off button not work?

Check for a blown fuse for the tcc (torque converter control).

My overdrive don't work does that mean its bad?

My over drive button in my f150 is not working what do you think it si?

Your Ford Windstar over drive does not work?

The overdrive in the Windstar could have an internal problem, or the control from the overdrive button may not work. Run a check of computer codes to see if a problem shows up.

How do you turn overdrive on in Hyundai accent?

Push in the overdrive button(located on the gear shift knob - below the shifter button).

On a 1994 Mazda 626 How do get the button on the shifter to switch back over to automatic from overdrive it is stuck in overdrive and when you push the button it won't switch back?

The button does not switch from Overdrive to Automatic. The button just turns the overdrive off. Overdrive is not a separate drive system as your question implies. Normally you leave the car in overdrive mode. That way the transmission shifts into overdrive at highway speeds, thus saving fuel. If you are saying the transmission is stuck in overdrive and it will not disengage then seek out a A/T professional.

Why doesn't the overdrive button work on a 1995 Ford F150?

check your fuses.there should be in the panel or under hood.

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