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When you hit the bump and you have the brakes applied, the tire will lock up when the tire is air-born for a moment.

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Q: Why does your front tire lock up when you hit a bump?
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Thumping sound by the passenger front tire when you hit a bump in the road?

It is more than likely that you need a new strut

What is the problem when you hit a bump at higher speeds you get a front tire shimmy for a few seconds?

Probably worn steering and/or suspension parts. Have the front end safety inspected.

If you hit a curb going less than 10 mph will it damage your tire?

It depends on how you hit the curb. If you rub the outside of your tire while it is still rolling, it will ball the tire. If you hit it square on the front of the tire going 10 miles per hour, it will not hurt the tire.

WHEN do you know you need a front end alignment?

If a component was replaced If you see uneven tire wear . If you hit a big hole with the front tire ,once a year anyway.

Will 22 inch rims fit on 1996 buick lesabre?

Not without a lift kit. It will damage the tire and frame everytime you hit a bump.

What is the largest tire size you can put on a 1993 ford ranger xlt?

so long as it will not interfer with your finders big as you want. I put big ones on mine for better mpg and if I hit the right bump in a turn the front tires hit a little and the speedo is off by 5 mph. but I get better mpg.

Why is your truck making a rattling sound everytime you hit a bump?

possibly your front upper control arm bushing are out.

Why does your Dodge truck have a bad vibration in the front end when you hit a bump?

Upper ball joints need replaced

What is the largest tire size for 03 Chevy astro van?

I have ran 275/60/15 on ours all the way around. Front would rub if you hit a hard bump while turning to the fullest extent. I favored the 255/60/15 the best.

Noise coming from your front tire area on the passenger side when I hit a bump or driving on rough surfaces It also does it when you make a left turn but not a right turn?

you need to check shock absorbers and wheel bearings. also check all the front end components such as bushings, one or more is worn out and needs replacing

Diagnose a front end wobble in subary legacy def not a tire issue only happens when hit smallish bumps in the road concerned as to safety otherwise drives smooth at all speeds?

If your front-end is loose after hitting a bump, but not at speed, when you use the brakes, or when you turn - then the most likely cause is going to be your suspension.

Can a backcourt player bump ball in the front court over the net?

yes any one can hit the ball over