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Q: Why does your car sway back and forth in the rear?
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Why does your car rock back and forth while driving?

Broken sway bar or sway bar links.

Why are back tires wearing from inside out and car sway from side to side when hit a bump?

I think your rear shock absorbers are Kaput. You may also have a broken sway bar.

What causes body sway on 2004 Lincoln navigator at highway speeds my navigator seems to sway over small bumps... the cabin actually rocks back and forth. there are no leaks in the air suspension?

i"m not sure if a Lincoln navigator would have a sway bar, But my sway bar broke in my Chevy celebrity once and the whole car would rock side to side after turns and such. it's a bar by the rear axle and mine literally broke in two.

What does vehicle fishtail mean?

When the rear wheels of a rear wheel drive car break traction the rear of the car swings back and forth in a manner reminiscent of the side to side motion of a fish's tail.

If your car is swaying back and forth and making a loud grinding noise in the rear what could this be?

Sounds like wheel bearings.

What is the name of the Car device mounted to rear to improve road handling?

I am guessing the rear anti-sway bar? Spoiler

Right rear wheel is locked?

Could possibly be your drum or caliper seized. In any case try rocking your car back and forth. Shift in drive and reverse to rock the car

What would cause heavy clunking sounds from under rear of car when moving?

Just had that problem on the rear of a Lexus ES300 and it turned out that both rear sway bar frame bushings were worn out. After replacement the car sounds quiet.

Why do my car have knocking from the rear end?

My car does because the sway bar is lose. I just dont have the money to fix. Get underneth and shake the swap bar and se if it moves.

What happens if the sway bar breaks?

It can be very dangerous especially at high speeds in a curve. It causes the rear of the car to become very unstable.

When a rear tire blows out can the back of the car fishtail?

Yes it can.

How to fix a rear seat in a VW that is stuck up?

A rear seat in a VW car that is stuck up can often be fixed by moving the release while gently rocking the seat back and forth. This will allow the release to disengage and move the seat.