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It's called: Your car is running.

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Q: Why does your car make a noise when you hit the gas?
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What is wrong with car when you hit the brakes and it make a loud noise?

brakepads wear out

What kind of noise does sodium make?

a noise why don't you hit it and then you will find out :)

Is this sentence correct When the car hit the tree it made a terrible noise?

It would be better to say, 'When the car hit the tree the impact made a terrible noise,' so that the reader isn't left in any doubt whether it was the car or the tree that made the terrible noise.(It is actually neither one, but the impact that makes the noise.)

What is the correct answer when the car hit the tree it made a terrible noise or the car made a terrible noise as it crashed into a tree?

The correct answer is: When the car hit a tree, it made a terrible noise. Since the object is to find the sentence with vague pronouns, it could refer to either the tree or car. It does not specify which antecedent it refers to. * This is a poor example of a vague (unclear) pronoun because there is no noun antecedent. What is making the noise is the collision, not the tree or the car. What is making the noise is "the car hitting the tree" which is not in the sentence.

Does platinum make a sound when you hit it?

A farting noise

Why does a Car run then stop when you hit the gas?

Maybe you hit the brakes by accident?

How does drums make noise?

Drums make noises when a vibration is made when it is hit by a drumstick.

What could cause a banging noise underneath my car when I hit a bump?

bad coil springs

What causes the car to make clunking noise while driving or going over small bumps?

Worn out front shocks and struts will make a clunking noise when you go over small box. The strut may actually allows the tire to hit the fender well.

What are the Safety issues about running out of gas?

If you run out of gas on the highway you could be hit by another car. If you run out of gas just around a bend you could also be hit by another car or cause an accident whne another car swerves to avoid hitting you.

Why does the car brakes squeal except when you hit the brake?

Your brakes are telling you they need replacing soon. They have a built in "squealer" designed to make a noise when the pad wear is nearing the end.

There is a wining noise coming from the front end of your car when you press on the gas it deminishes some what when you hit 60 clicks but does not go away completely any answers?

Bad wheel bearing (Cv joint)? Bad tire - try moving it to another location on the vehicle and see if noise changes