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your car must be stuck in a low gear and not able to switch out

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Q: Why does your car jerk when you ease off the gas?
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What should you do if a car starts to skid?

Ease off the gas pedal, stop braking, and steer in the direction of the skid.

Why would a car jerk when you first start it up and when stopping?

What kind of car is is? When it jerk while shutting off, do you turn the key off and it sits there chugging for a second before stopping?

Why does a car not down shift when slowing down?

If your car is an automatic (not a stick shift) then the car will automatically shift down as you ease off the gas petal. If it doesn't down shift then you need to have the vehicle checked out to see what is wrong.

In gay slang what is Jo?

Jerk Off/Handjob Jerk Off/Handjob

When driving along the highway and your front wheels go off the road you should?

Ease off the gas pedal and pull off the roadway.

Why does my air conditioner hiss and jerk the car then blow hot air then jerk and hiss again and then blow cold?

Your A/C compressor is shot. It's internal computer (or that of your car) is malfunctioning. The "jerk" is when your "A/C" kicks A/C compressor takes much of your cars usable power. As it turns on and off you will get the hiss and jerk. (the hiss comes from the overworked compressor lines cooling)

Will my car alarm go off if someone tries to sifon gas out of my tank?

Your car alarm light go off, if someone tries to siphon gas out of the gas tank, depending upon the type of car alarm you have. Some car alarms go off whenever the car is touched.

What is causing the smell of gas around your car and in the garage when car is off There is no visible leak of gas.?

gas cap loose..

What should you do if you start to skid?

Ease off the gas pedal, stop braking, and steer in the direction of the skid.

If you right wheels are off the pavement?

Take you foot off the gas pedal, brake slightly, and slowly return to the pavement. If you do not panic and jerk the steering wheel, you will be fine.

Did the first car run off gas?

No. It ran off steam.

What do you mean by 'taking off'?

in the car down on the gas