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Time for a tune up.

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2013-07-04 19:07:00
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Q: Why does your car engine cut out when going uphill?
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What causes a 1997 suburban to cut out cylinders going uphill?

Bad spark plugs are plug wires.

Why does it feel like your car is going to cut out on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

If your car has a coil-pack on it chances are one or both of them are going out My check engine light flashed rapidly when one of mine spuddered out,,,, 2.4L

Why is your car cooling fan still run after you stop the engine or cut it off?

It's probably an electric fan that reacts and works if the engine reaches a certain temperature. Sometimes that means keeping going for a while even after you shut down the car.

What does the engine do if the MAF sensor is going bad?

the engine will seem to cut out or run really rough

What is used to cut down friction in a car engine?

How- cooling oil why- overheating is bad for the engine parts

Will lack of oil cause a car to cut out?

Yes. After that you will need a new engine.

What can be wrong if the car is jerking like it is going to cut off on me?

could be a faulty fuel pump.

Why does a 1995 Lincoln's engine cut off while driving?

is your check engine light on? and what kind of Lincoln is it? its probably becasue your car is NFG or POS

You jump the car then it starts Making a noise like a fan running after you cut the engine?

When you can not figure out why your car makes a strange noise, you take it to a mechanic.

What causes a car to jump and cut off when your at a stop light?

when your in a manual and you have the car in first gear with the clutch all out the wheels cannot move and so the engine cannot work or it will break so the car stalls and the engine turns off

What issues would arise with a late car oil change?

If your car's oil is changed on a regular basis at or around 3000 miles and you happen to miss that interval once in a while, nothing bad is going to happen. If you continuously are slow to get your car's oil changed, you can expect to cut you engine's life short.

How do you test for find out short cut of any equipment of the car?

you turn the engine on and try to give it some gas

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