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Most likely that you still have air in the lines. Make sure the brake pedal is held down until the bleed screw is tightened back up between pumping and bleeding cycles, otherwise air will be sucked back into the system.

pump brake pedal until there is pressure

hold pressure on pedal

loosen bleed screw ( air or fluid should come out and pedal should go to floor )

hold pedal to floor

tighten screw

pump pedal again

repeat this for all 4 wheels and until only clean fluid comes out.

The pedal should get better as you work through all the wheels.

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Q: Why does your brake still go straight to floor you have changed master cylinder power booster and bleed the brakes many times?
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Is it possible to convert abs to standard hydraulic brakes on a 1990 Jeep Laredo?

Yes, replace the brake booster and master cylinder.Yes, replace the brake booster and master cylinder.

Which reservoir on a master cylinder on a 2001 Cherokee sport is to the front brakes?

the rear is usually smaller and closer to the brake booster

For a 95 Ford Windstar the brakes went and the front brakes have been changed with new pads and rotors - Back brakes were adjusted and there are still no brakes - what else to do to fix it?

what you have could be one of three problems. Check your reservoir to see if it has plenty of brake fluid, bleed your brakes,they may of lost the fluid while changing brakes. Also, if you have a vacuum leak it will cause your brakes not to work. Or it could be your master cylinder or your vacuum booster that has went bad. brewski

You have changed your brake booster on your 95 Chevy truck and now your brakes wont work nor will it go into gear whats wrong?

It sounds like a vacuum problem. Either you got a bad brake booster or the vacuum line came loose somewhere or cracked when you changed the booster.

What is a brake booster?

The brake booster is what gives you power brakes. In the engine compartment in front of the steering wheel is a round black flat ball looking thing. That's the brake booster with the brake master cylinder attached in front of it. The brake booster uses VACCUM from the engine to multiply the force that your foot applies to the master cylinder. Used with power brake applications

What would cause a 1991 Jeep Cherokee limited to have no power brakes the Master cylinder was changed but that didn't help there is still no power?

you have a bendix abs systems which means there is no brake booster the abs system takes its place it is warrantied for life by jeep

I replaced rear brakes front brakes master cylinder vacuum booster and still have Excessive brake peddle travel in 1990 GMC Sierra 1500?

If the pedal feels soft and spongy, you have air trapped in your brake lines. Did you prime the master cylinder before you installed it? Air in the brake line will not let the fluid fully compress. With all that you changed out, your brakes shoudl feel like new. Read up on how to bleed brakes or take it to a pro.......but don't continue to drive it the way it is.

Having brake problems on a 95 ford ranger xlt 2.3l v6 you replaced master cylinder brake booster bled the brakes pedal still goes to the floor?

You need to bleed the brakes.

Can the brake booster cause your brake pedal to go to the floor?

No, a busted brake booster will not cause the brake pedal to go to the floor. It will however cause the brake pedal to be extremely hard to push. A defective master cylinder will cause what you describe. Replace the master cylinder and bleed the brakes. It can because it happened to me. The booster lost vaccum and the pedal went to the floor. Sorry, you are wrong. The only reason the pedal went to the floor was because the master cylinder failed. The brake booster only boosts the pressure on the master cylinder and allows you to not have to push so hard on the brake pedal. Cars of yesteryear did not even have a brake booster and they stopped just fine albeit you had to push the pedal allot harder than with power brakes. A failing brake booster will not cause your pedal to go to the floor although it might cause it to go lower than normal before the brakes apply. As long as the master cylinder is good you will still have brakes, but you will have to really push hard and might even have to pump them up in order for them to stop the car.

Brakes won't bleed on Chevy 00 blazer?

there is a number of things that would cause your brakes to not bleed. Moisture could have gotten into the lines and rusted the inside and a rust flake may be blocking it. Another reason why is your master cylinder may not be moving. And the thing that happened to me is my brake booster went out which moves the cylinder in the master cylinder...cause me to not have any fluid movement. Pretty spendy to replace the booster....more cost in labor then parts

What to do if brakes fail before you get brake booster fix?

This grossly unsafe. If you have just the booster fail the brakes will still work but not well. If the brakes fail completely you could crash and die.

What happens to the brakes if the brake booster goes out?

no power brakes....harder to stop