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If the car is old or has some serious miles on it the chances are the selector fork in the gearbox is worn.

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Q: Why does your VW transmission pop out of 2nd gear?
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Where is the 96 VW Jetta manual transmission Speedometer gear?

Top of the transmission...

Where is the transmission dipstick in a 1994 VW?

If the car has a manual gear box, there is none.

Why does my reverse pop out on my 67 vw bug?

The keeper gear needs to adjusted or replaced.

Why does your vw hang in gear and jump before it changes gears?

you have a broken transmission mout

What is the gear oil capacity for a 2000 VW New Beetle Manual transmission?

The gear oil capacity of the 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle with a manual transmission is 2.1 quarts. For this vehicle, 75w90 synthetic gear oil is recommended.

How much manual transmission oil does a 1992 vw cabriolet take?

two quarts of 75w90 gear oil.

Your 1988 vw cabriolet manual transmission has no fifth gear and is hard going into firsst and second gear what can you do?

It sounds like the Cabriolet has a possible problem with the shifter forks. The transmission will need to be pulled apart to see what the problem is for sure.

What causes VW Passat front end to shake at 45 mph and stop at 60 mph?

problem with your transmission in 5th gear

Did 1973 vw beetle come with automatic transmission?

the closest vw beetles came to having an automatic transmission is called an auto-stickit has a gear shifter like a manual trans, but no clutch pedal. you push down on the stick, and then shift gears.

What kind of transmission fluid is in 2000 beetle?

automatic, VW automatic transmission fluid or one that meets oem specs Manual SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil

Where is the transmission fill on a 1970 vw beetle?

Transaxle gear oil is serviced through a large 'female' hex plug on the left or driver's side of the transaxle by the ring gear cover plate.

Where is transmission dipstick in 2003 VW Beetle?

dipstick transmission in vw beetle