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Could be the speakers are blown.

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Q: Why does the radio in my 2002 Tahoe not have sound but the radio works normally?
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Turn up the volume.

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I bought a used 2003 avalanche and the soeakers have no sound. Radio works and has power but no sound. They seem to be connected (speakers) so is there a fuse maybe

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Duct tape works every time

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All lights works but head lights for 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

Check your fuses.

97 Camry - Radio powers up but no sound also it will not lock into frequencies in scan mode what do you suggest?

I recently changed the battery on my 97 Camry. Afterwards the radio had no sound and the display was normal (like it always was), I checked the fuses, and even removed the radio from the dash, as I wanted it to go into the security mode, but it was fine except that I could not get any sound. A few days later during my lunch break at work I was sitting in my car just fooling around with the radio and with the key in the accessory position, I pressed the on off switch in and held it in for about 10 seconds and the radio came on and works perfectly.

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