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because the lights are not controlled by the ignition switch; they are controlled by a separate light switch.

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Q: Why does the parking light stay on when you turn the car off?
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What is causing the parking brake light to turn on and beep and stay on while moving when the parking brake is not applied?

THE CAR NEEDS FRONT BRAKES............................

How to turn off the twilight sentinel in a 2000 regal for the drive-in?

Shut the car off, engage the parking brake and when you turn the car back on the lights will stay off until you release the parking brake.

Have 02 Suzuki XL7 no owners manual How do you turn on just the park lights?

If your car has daytime running lights (standard in Canada) then the only way to turn on just the parking lights is when the car is in park or neutral, the light switch is in the park light position and the parking brake is on. Then the headlights will turn off. Any other configuration means the headlights will be on. On this car, parking lights can truly only be used when parked!

How do you replace a parking light on a 1992 Buick Riviera?

The parking lights on the front of the car are accessible from the underside of the car. It's a tight squeeze to get your hand up in there because of the spoiler. When you get your hand on the back of the socket turn it 1/4 turn and pull it out. Dan

If the parking lights stay on after the car is turned off which causes car battery to run down on a 1991 Toyota Camry how do you fix this?

Turn the stupid headlight switch off. DeeDeeDee I have the same problem with my 87 Camry. You need to change the stop light switch.

Why is the parking light draining the car battery?

If the parking lights are on when the car is off its probably a switch issue.

What would cause only the right side parking lights to stay on the car is off on a 2000 Outback?

Check your turn signal stalk switch. In some cars, German ones in particular, this is an intentional safety feature. If the turn signal is not centered the parking lights stay on so it is more easily seen at night if the car is parked on the side of a narrow street.

Why does my oil light stay on when I start my Pt cruiser?

When a person turns their car on, the dashboard lights should turn off. However, if they do not, it means there is a problems. An oil light will stay on if there is low oil in a car.

When parallel parking on the right turn the wheels sharply to the left when?

when you are parking UPhill.supposedly then if the car rolls the wheels will contact the curb and stop the car. Down hill turn to the right

What does position light failure mean?

Volvo uses the term position light for what we here in America commonly call a parking light. If you turn your lights on and walk around your car you will notice you have a bulb burnt out.

How does car parking at the Edinburgh Airport work?

Car parking at the Edinburgh Airport vary from short term to long term parking. They can be for very short stay, such as an hour for picking up and dropping off passengers, to a long stay from weeks to months.

What sort of parking does Newcastle Airport offer?

Newcastle Airport offers a wide range of car parking facilities. This includes express parking, short stay, medium stay and long stay parkings. There is even a fast track, meet and greet parking area.