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The brake pad "squealers" are telling you to have the brakes checked.

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Q: Why does the car have a loud squeal in reverse but only when the breaks are NOT on?
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What causes a loud squeal with a sharp turn of the steering wheel to the left or right only?

Could be the power steering pump.

What could cause a loud roaring noise while applying brake in reverse only in 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme?

sounds like your back breaks are wore you use them the most when you are backing up.

Why would the brakes squeal only after reversing on a 1970 Bug?

in VW's when you have the breaks adjusted out too far they tend to grab when reversing. There is an auto adjuster in the rear drum to keep your rear brakes adjusting. If the brakes are worn out they will "hang up" after reverse and cause squeeling.

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What causes squeal or noise in a sound system?

A loud "squeal" or "screech" - also known as "feedback noise" - is usually only generated if there is an audio input device for an amplifier, for example a microphone, that is being used too close to an audio output device for the same amplifier, for example a speaker.

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Ihave a 2006 toyota 4runnedr. with 13300 miles. when I back out I hear a vert loud squeal. only does it whwen I back up.?

I believe your 4-Runner has an option of either rear drum or rear disc brakes. If the squeal is coming from the rear and you have rear drum brakes, have them cleaned and adjusted. If the squeal comes from the front, a shim may have slipped off of one of the brake pads and is scraping on the hat of the rotor.

Why does 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass make loud moaning noise in reverse only and you can feel vibration in steering wheel but it stops when brakes are slightly applied?

When a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass makes a loud, moaning noise in reverse it is possible that the reverse gear in the transmission is getting ready to go out. The braking system should be looked at too, because of the vibration.

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Sounds like squeal when driving only from engine right side?

squeal is a lose belt or one of the accessory will need to be replaced soon

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