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too much energy use.

the fuse will blow so you will not drain the system and cause pernament damage


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Q: Why does the Fuse blows after installing fuel pump?
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What can you do if the fuel pump on your 1999 Tahoe has no power?

Check the fuse and the relay. If it's the fuse, and the next fuse blows out immediately, be suspicious of the fuel pump.

1997 ford experdition Fuel pump fuse keep blowing?

Either a bad fuel pump (most likely) or a short in the wiring somewhere. Suggest you disconnect the wiring from the fuel pump, put a new fuse in and see if it still blows. If no blow, bad fuel pump. Still blows, short in the wiring somewhere.

A fuse keeps going out on your 91 Pontiac sunbird le it is labeled fp what is this fuse for How can you fix the problem?

FP is an abbreviation for fuel pump. If the car quits when this fuse blows you probably need to replace the fuel pump if the fuel pump wiring circuit checks okay.

Why does the fuel pump fuse keep blowing in my 96 neon and then the car wont start.?

Probably a bad fuel pump. Disconnect the wiring harness at the fuel pump and put in a new fuse. If it doesn't blow and you have 12 volts at the pump with the key on, replace the pump. If your fuse still blows, you have a short in the wiring somewhere.

The starter and fuel pump fuse blows in our 2001 chrysler sebring a lot almost every time it rains what could be the problem?

If it blows while driving, I would replace the fuel pump. If it blows when trying to start, I would replace the starter.

My 1995 neon fuel pump fuse blows. The engine harness has been completely replaced fuse still blows help?

The fuel pump is bad. It has probably locked up and will continue to blow the fuse. You could apply 12 volts directly to the pump through an in-line fuse to make sure. Make sure to use an in-line fuse if you try this, and do not make your final connection at the pump. A spark there is dangerous.

Why Does Fuel Ignition Starter Fuse Keep Burning Out on 1999 Dodge Stratus?

Either the starter, or the fuel pump has failed and is pulling too much current. If it blows when cranking, it is the starter, if it blows by just turning the key on it is the fuel pump.

1997 Nissan truuck already left you stranded It keeps blowing fuses for fuel pump about 10 seconds after it starts could it be a short?

If the fuse keeps blowing it has to be a short or the fuel pump dragging causing a large current demand. It can be shorted anywhere from the fuse box to and including the fuel pump internally. Try disconnecting the fuel pump and see if the fuse blows if so run a new wire (fused) to the pump, see if it blows. Start at one end of an electrical problem (Fuse) and go the the other end (Pump), then go to the middle if you have the right wire you can cut it in half and see if the fuse blows. You can get a self resetting fuse. If it gets impossible you can short the fuse connectors (wire or a large amp fuse) and look for smoke, it'll happen, but I would disconnect the fuel pump first.

Why does the Fuel PUMP fuse keep blowing and the transaxle fuses have no power in my 2002 saturn sc?

Typically the fuel pump fuse only blows when there is a problem with the fuel pump which causes it to use too much current. In almost all situations that is a worn fuel pump with bad internal bearings.

100amp fuse blows when turning the car over after the fuel pump changed?

Recheck the wiring around the fuel pump, or check your polarities on the battery. Something is shorting out!

Were is the fuel pump fuse?

were is the fuse for the fuel pump

95 neon car shutdown in fast lane fuel pump fuse blew when replaced blows as soon as you turn key relays are good fuse blows with relays in or out fuse still blows after elec is disconect at fuel pump?

I had the same problem it was a shorted wire under the driverside causing the fuse to blow when you turn the ignition my downstream oxygen sensor wires shorted out (melted and fused together). check for anything shorted out connecting that fuse.