Why does the AC in my car smell humid?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is possible that the hot water coil is leaking, and the cold air running mixing with hot damp air will cause the humid smell issue.

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Change the cabin filter if it has one.

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Probably mold buildup on the evaporator.

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Q: Why does the AC in my car smell humid?
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Why does your car car smell like antiseptic in a hospital when your ac is on?

This normally indicates a refrigerant leak. STOP USING YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THIS SMELL!! The fumes from the fluid in your AC system are highly toxic. The leak needs to be sorted out before the AC can be used again.

When you shut up ac of your car water is getting drain this is ok or not?

If your ac is working well and is on in humid weather it will dehumidify the air and can drain quite a bit of water which you can see especially well when stopping the car it will drain underneath the car usually near the firewall in the desert when dry it might not drain at all but the more humid the more water, it can seem to just be pouring out!

Why does the ac blow warm humid air more often than cold air in a car?

Sounds like your compressor is locking up.

What causes a burning smell from car ac?

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

White smoke coming out of your vents when air conditioner is on in a 1998 dodge durango?

this kind of thing happens in my durango when i have the ac on and its humid inside the car.

What causes a burning smell from the vents of the car when the ac is turned on?

Any smell from the car vents is unrelated to the AC system unless it is an antiseptic smell. Generally, the smells are environmental from your engine compartment, where the fresh air is taken from. If you smell something burning from the vents, then something is heating up to much under your hood. Check your compressor for a worn clutch, or oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

Your AC has got a bad smell than you notice water leaking underneath your van Do you need to be concern?

Yes. get is serviced. The water under your car is nothing to worry about this is humidity extracted from the cars interior when the AC is running. The smell - no idea what this is if it comes from the AC itself then there must be some mold formed in the AC pipes etc.

Your car ac was serviced for mold and mildew The residual smell of the chemical treatment used is making you sick with the ac off and with outside air its worse How do you get rid of this smell?

My car had fish oil poured down it I used a product called What Odor? it completely eliminated the odor i recommend trying What Odor?

What does it mean if your car has a gas smell coming from the AC or heater?

There is a fuel leak in the engine compartment. Have a mechanic look at the engine.

How can you get rid of a smell coming form the ac of my car. but only then the ac is on.?

ya it probably smells like feet right? the problem is you probably left the car out in bad weather for too long, park your car where its safe then turn it on with A/C on and leave it for about 20-30 minutes.

Why does the car blow hot air and make a funny noise under the hood with a bad smell when the ac is off?

I wish i had the answer my car is doing the same. Hope engine is not blown..

Why would someone warm their car with all of the windows down?

Perhaps trying to get rid of a smell or maybe it's too humid inside the vehicle and they're trying to dry it out.