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Assuming you're talking about the blower motor, because the blower motor resistor is faulty, and needs to be replaced. On the high setting, it doesn't go through the resistor - on the other settings, it does.

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Q: Why does the 2000 Malibu heater only work on high?
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Why is only fan speed 5 working in 2000 Chevy Malibu?

your fan resister is bad,it should be located under glove box, on heater box!! under dash.

If 2000 dodge ram heater blower motor has high speed only what is the issue?

If it has only high speed, the blower motor resistor has to be replaced to get all speeds back.

How do you know when you heater core isn't working in a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

You will have only cold air coming thru your heater ducts if your core is defective.

Will a 2000 2.4 L 4cyl Malibu transmission fit a 2000 3.1 L V6 Malibu?

DEFINATLY NOT! a transmission for a 2.4 was designed for a 2.4 ONLY! not only will it not fit, it will not be able to handle the power the 3.1 throws

What are the symptoms of a heater blower resistor gone bad in a 2000 dodge ram van?

Blower fan inoperative or only works on high speed.

What causes heater blower to operate on high setting only on 2000 Sebring JX 25 L V6?

Defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

Heater only works on high speed?

The heater motor speed resister is burned out.

Why does heater in a 2000 Dodge Neon only blow cold air?

you may not have the heater water hoses plugged in

Whats wrong with my 2000 suburban blower motor switch only works on high and getting burning smell when when heater is on?

you have a bare wire touching on your blower motor

97 f250 heater only works on high is this a problem with the heater resisitor block?


Why would a 2000 Saturn heater only blowing warm air?

it is a heater. heat. it blows heat. warm air

Why would the heater in a 2002 Grand Prix only work on high?

Defective heater resistor pack.