Why does my cars fan only turn on when the ac is on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your car fan turns on when you have your air condition unit on because, your engine heats up more when the air is on so the fan needs to come on to cool the engine down.

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Q: Why does my cars fan only turn on when the ac is on?
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If its cold outside should I turn the AC up?

You can turn the temperature of the AC up but if you turn the fan part of the AC up "high" or "low" it will only make it colder.

The fan only start when oly turn on ac Saturn?

Check the thermal relay for the cooling fan.

Why does the cooling fan only turn on when engaging AC?

Check the fan relay, if it is good then replace the coolant temperature sensor, the AC circuit is separate but it does verify that the fan works.

Is the engine fan supposed to turn when the vehicle is turn on?

A fan that is connected to the engine will turn whenever the engine is running, an electric fan will only run when the engine is at the proper temperature, some also turn on whenever the AC is on.

Why does your blower to your ac and heater fan go on and off?

Why does your ac and heater fan turn off and on

Why does ac compressor fan turn on and off when only heat is on in the winter?

because it is going through defrost cycle

Where is the AC in Game Show Island?

There isn't one! Insted you go to the factory and get a fan. turn the fan on and turn to the robot.

What is wrong with your 2002 Ford Explorer to make a noise when you turn on the fan for your ac?

Broken fins in the fan or a bad compressor. Or leaves and sticks stuck touching your fan for the ac side (assuming you have a separate fan for ac which you might not).

1999 Isuzu Trooper 3.5 V6 over heat when the AC is turn on. It only happens during hot days?

as soon as the ac is turn on the cooling fan should come on if not there is a problem with that take it to a ac shop thay can find it fast ..

Your 99 alero overheats and the cooling fan don't turn on only when the ac is on what could be the problem?

there is a Senior that kick it the fans on it is located under the throttle body or it might be the primary fan is bad and only the second fan is working

When you turn on your ac it makes clicking noise?

Yes. In some cars it does.

Why is on one engine fan not running?

turn on your ac and see if it comes on then