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There is a safety valve in the car, so when the gas tank is full you here the click of the valve shutting off

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Q: Why does fuel click off when you fill your car?
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How do you reset the fuel filter warning light off for Toyota hilux?

To reset the fuel filter warning light off for the Toyota hilux one must replace the filter that switch the car on and off. They must also click the rest button.

How do you start a grand marquis after running out of fuel?

Turn off the gas switch from inside the trunk, fill up your car with gas and trurn the switch back on.

How do you turn off a flashing fuel light on your 2007 Honda Accord?

Fill up the fuel tank.

How do you turn off text highlighter in word?

Press the highlighter and click no fill.

Car suddenly shut off?

Fuel pump or fuel relay is going

What do you need to do to take diesl ful out of your car?

If there is very little diesel fuel in the tank, you can fill the rest of the tank with gasoline to dilute it, and then just burn it off during your driving. If you have a lot of diesel in the tank, try to siphon off as much of the diesel as possible, then, again fill it with gasoline and burn it off during your drives.

Volkswagen vento cl 1.4 - when car is outside garage difficult to get car start when accerlates engine goes off?

You could have a little ice forming in the fuel line. Next time you fill up, put a can of fuel line de-icer in the tank first, see if that helps.

Why would your car want to shut off making a sharp left hand turn only?

If your somewhat low on gas the turn could cause the gas in the tank to move away from the fuel line/pump causing your car to die because it is no longer getting fuel. Fill your tank.

What makes a car shut off once the key is turned?

what kind of car? IF its fuel injected the key turns off the computer, the fuel pump, and the ignition coil

Where does small tube coming off right side of gas tank go?

Depending on the car it could be a vent for the fill hose. It could be a fuel line to the front of the car It could be a vent line for the charcoal canister (pollution control system) Or it could be a return line from the fuel injection system

Why does a car radio have lots of static until the engine is turned off?

This is usually on the AM band waves. It is cause by interference from the fuel pump. When the car is off, the fuel pump is not running.

When do you use overdrive in an automatic car?

If an automatic car is in off overdrive does it save fuel