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The battery runs a fan that pushes air through the residual engine heat in the heater radiator into the car.

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Q: Why does car heater work when car is off?
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What is wrong when the heater in my car 2005 Pontiac doesn't work car cut off?

Now please don't be mad, but ponitac is a very bad car company

What can cause a heater to stop blowing heat?

well you could just turn the heater off heater blower ---- If it is a car heater then check your coolant level. the heater is driven off a heat converter that is fed by the radiator system. When the coolant fails to pump round the radiator system the car internal heater doesn't work. Driving without coolant in the system will result in the engine overheating and seizing.

Why cant get the heater to work in the car?

You could have a problem with your thermostat in the car.

Car heater blows cold air when not driving?

A car heater taps off engine heat. If you aren't driving, then the engine is cold and there's no heat for the car heater to use.

Why does water from the cooling system of a daewoo matiz car drain off to the front passenger side of the car?

Could be a problem with the heater matrix. It was with ours in this situation. Yes, definitly the heater element broken - lot of work

Will your heater on your car work if there is no antifreeze in the radiator?

Not very well.

Why does your heater only work when car is moving 00 Toyota Celica?

the heater of your car does not only work when the car is in motion. it only works when the engine is started. you don't have a heater in your car like you do your home. the heat that you feel when you turn on your heater in your car is produced by the engine. and there for if your car is not on then you will not receive any heat. some cars take longer than others to "heat up".

What causes Taurus to shut off when heater or defrost is cut on?

car cuts off

Why heater fan motor won't turn off after car is turned off?

well for one is your keyed turned all the way off. But i would say you probably have a short in you wiring somewhere. But try turning off the heater while the car is running then shut your car off.

What do you do if your car heater does not work at all?

have you checked the fuses? if so, maybe the heater core needs replacing

Where can you find a portable car heater that works when the car is off?

J C Witany magazine

Why might a 1989 Lincoln Town Car heater not work?

You might need a new thermostat or heater core.

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