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Because the 'wet' tyre and dry ground has no friction, but 'dry' tyre and dry ground is more likely to be faster

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Q: Why does a racing car with 'wet' tires travel more slowly in dry weather than one with 'dry' tires?
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Why does a racing car with wet tires travel more slowly in dry weather than one with dry tires?

because there not waterproof

Why racing car's tires are wide and bald?

They are wide to gain maximum traction and bald because they are only used on dry tracks. In wet weather, racing tires with treads are used.

Why different tires are used in Formula 1 cars in different tracks?

Different tyres have different surfaces that depending on the ground either increase or decrease friction. Selection of proper F1 tyres play a significant role because the cars travel at a great speed. Here are the different types of F1 racing tires Dry Weather Tyres Hard compound Soft compound Super-soft compound Wet Weather Tires Intermediate Wet tyres Extreme wet Tires Different tires are used according to the track surface they are racing on.

What are treadless racing tires called?

Treadless racing tires called are slicks.

Where can one look online to buy some good racing tires?

The Goodyear website would be a great place to buy good racing tires, as their tires are the official tires of NASCAR. Michelin and Bridgestone tires are also other possible alternatives to consider when buying decent racing tires. For custom tires, America's Tire would be a great company to search to buy racing tires.

Why tires are smooth for racing bikes?

A smooth tire will have the greatest contact area and the best grip on a hard surface. Unfortunately it will also be most prone to hydroplaning. On a regular vehicle that has to be able to travel in any weather smooth tires can't be used, but bike tires are narrower and better at cutting through the water to the surface below so they don't need much treads to do OK in rain.

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What kind of tires are used in racing cars and why?

There are different types of tires depending on what kind of racing they're doing. But pretty much all racing tires tries to be grippier than regular tires. This usually means that they wear out faster, and create more road noise than regular tires, which no one really cares about if can win them the race.

Do I need all weather tires in arizona?

All weather tires or all-terrain tires is great choice of tires for your vehicle if you reside in Arizona and in similar states.

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