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Maybe it is-check your timing. Also check for exhaust leaks.

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Q: Why does Engine sounds as if it fires with valves open?
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What is an interference engine?

It refers to an engine where the area occupied by the valves when they are open is occupied by the piston when the valves are closed. If the timing belt lets go while the engine is running the piston will smash the open valves doing loads of damage.

Function of valve?

The valves in a car engine are opened and closed by a cam shaft driven by the engine crankshaft. they allow the flow of gases and fuel into the engine and the burnt gases out of the engine into the exhaust system.

What is an interence engine?

If the timing belt broke on an interference engine, the open valves and pistons would collide and wreck the engine.

What sounds can be heard in the heart?

The blood rushing through the valves as the open and close - thump-thump-thump. . .

What is the function of cams in an engine?

a cam in engine is to operate the lifters which in turn open and close the inlet and exhaust valves

In four-stroke engine the time period when both valves slightly open?


The purpose of a camshaft in an internal combustion engine is to?

Its purpose is to open the right valves at the right times.

When are semi-lunar valves open?

Semilunar valves are open when the blood is being pumped. The AV valves are closed when the semilunar valves are open.

How do you adjust valves in 5.7 liter boat engine when factory setting ie zero lash plus one turn leaves valves open or too tight?

The way you explain it it sounds like your engine has hydrolic lifters. With these I have always tightened the rockers until the pushrod gets hard to spin and wont move up or down and then ONE HALF TURN not a full turn. The valves might open but within a minute or so should close. This is cause by the lifter bleeding off leftover oil in it. Hope this helps.

Will the valves get bent if timing chain breaks?

Unfortunately yes. The Saturn motor is considered an Interference motor. When the chain breaks the neutral landing position of the camshafts will allow valves to be open, as the engine slows down from its rotating mass it will bend these open valves.

How do worn valves affect the operating engine?

Worn valves will not seal completely, will not open completely, or open as far as they should. This will cause incomplete combustion, backfire of exhaust gasses, release of compression, and escape of oil into the combustion chamber. Engine will lack power and smoke.

If a timing belt breaks in a 2003 Kia Rio will it bend the valves?

Referring to the Auto Education and Gates (commercial) websites (refer to the links, below), the 2003 Kia Rio is referred to as an "interference engine", which means that, as with many other motor vehicles, "(i)f your timing belt breaks, the engine will continue to turn, but the camshaft stops. If any of the valves are open, and your engine is an interference engine, the piston will slam into the open valve and cause some real expensive damage", including, potentially, needing to replace the entire engine. This does not cause the valves to "bend". the valves bend, I'll ship you the bad valves.