Why do your car brakes squeak?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Usually because of wear, a disk brake system typically has a squealer that with contact with the rotor will make a squeaking sound telling you its time to change the brakes..some have no squealer and the sound is coming form the rivets on the pads making contact with the past time to change..If the brake pads have been changed or are in fine shape and there is a squeak it is because there is no anti squeal compound on the back side of the pads.

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Q: Why do your car brakes squeak?
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Why does your car rattle and squeak?

It is most likely that the cars brakes are bad.

Why does your car squeak when you use the break or slow down?

you need new brakes

Why do brakes on 2002 kia optima still squeak after replaced and anti squeal goop applied?

did you put high quality brakes on your car if so then it is normal do not worry about it. even if not some brakes just squeak all the time

What makes brakes squeak?

The friction between 2 objects makes them squeak

What causes the car to squeak when driving and the road is rough - does not squeak when raining only dry conditions?

The car may need new brakes or tires because they might be wearing down.

What would cause squealing or squeaking on or near the rear wheel on a 1999 Subaru Forester?

Can you give more detail? Is it squeak, squeak, squeak or squeeeeeeek? I'm assuming that it only occurs when the car is moving. Does putting the brakes on make it change? --Ken It does make squeeeeek sound when car is moving and putting brakes on does change it.

How do you tell when to replace brakes?

you can tell when your breaks start to Squeak or the car wont slow down when turning

Why does your car squeak even when im not touching the brakes?

you have a squeaky either needs replacing or oiling

What does it mean when the car brakes squeak?

Some manufactures use a wear indicator that causes a squealing sound when the pads need to be replaced.

Why do your brakes squeak on a 2002 dodge ram 1500?

Because You Need New Brakes!

Should new rear brakes still squeak?


Your front end on your 2002 Chevrolet Blazer is squeaking really bad?

The brakes can squeak, the suspension can squeak, the steering can squeak, the wheel hub/bearings can squeak, have a trusted mechanic determine the source of the squeak.