Why do you need to wear seat belts?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Wearing a seat belt has been reported to save more lives in an accident than wearing no seat belt.

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Q: Why do you need to wear seat belts?
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Do astronauts need to wear a seat belt?

Yes, astronauts wear seat belts.

Why do you wear seat belts?

We wear seat belts for saftey.For example when you get in a car wreck you need to be safe.Also so the police can not stop your mom or dad

Which law explains why you need to wear seat belts?

1st law emotion

Do passengers in motorhomes need to wear seatbelts?

Yes, all passengers must wear seat belts

Do 1964 cars require seat belts?

Not if they did not come from the factory with seat belts. If they came form the factory with seat belts you are required to wear them.

Why can't children wear seat belts?

Children up to certain weights are required to be in car seats that are held in place with the seat belts in most states. After they reach a certain weight, they are required to wear seat belts, so not only can children wear seat belts, after they no longer are required to be in car seats, they are required to wear a seat belt.

Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?

not if the car was not originally equipped with them.

Do airline pilots wear seat belts?


Do pregnant women wear seat belts?

Yes they do.

How many people don't wear seat belts in us?

Too many! Half the deaths in the United States are caused because people do not wear seat belts.

Do we wear seat belts in cars and airplanes to protect ourselves from speed or from acceleration?

Seat belts protect you from the impact of a collision, not from speed or acceleration.

Who is required to wear seat belts when riding in the front seat of a car or pickup truck?