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Ambulance comes from the Latin ambulare, to walk about.

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Q: Why do you call the vehicle for walking cases an ambulance?
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Why do you call the vehicle for moving stretcher cases an ambulance when walking cases are ambulant?

Because the vehicle is ambulating the patient.

What do you call a vehicle for conveying stick or injured people to the hospital?

Answer #1 by Ginezumi An ambulance carries a sick person to the hospital. It may be the vehicle of a private company that provides emergency medical services and transport. Or it may be the vehicle of a local governmental agency. In terms of government, the service may be staffed by paid personnel or volunteers. Answer #2 An ambulance.

What is call ambulance in Hindi?


When did Emergency Call Ambulance happen?

Emergency Call Ambulance happened in 1999.

Can you add a vehicle to your insurance if it is not titled in your name in Texas?

Call your agent, there are some cases where you can.

What do you call ambulance in Hindi?

It's only called ambulance. there is no such word in Hindi

what are some sentences you use to call ambulance?

One day i was about to ride an ambulance

How can you Hire An Ambulance service?

You can Hire An Ambulance service in different ways. If you need emergency ambulance service then you should direct call on the helpline of the Ambulance company. You can contact the company by contact form. Emergency National Ambulance Helpline: 999 You can call us: 01911125156

When was Care Ambulance Service created?

Care Ambulance Service was created in 1969.

What department do you call when calling for an ambulance?

The department you call is the Paramedic's.

How can I hire an Ambulance service?

You can Hire An Ambulance service from Google or any social Media. fastly you will be search and find a ambulance helpline than call the helpline. If you call than will be say your needed location and destination. If you need any help about ambulance support than call us. 01911125156

How do you make the ambulance notice you when you call them on gta4?

if you get shot or hit by a car and you call the ambulance, EMTs will arrive, and take care of you... notice you have to stand still for the emt to heal you... if youre healthy and you call the ambulance, EMTs will arrive, look around and leave.