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trucks have broad wheel because so that it reduces pressure and the tyres dont burst.

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Q: Why do trucks and buses have broad and double wheel?
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Why the rear wheel of buses and trucks provided with double wheels?

Weight distribution.

How many lug nuts on a car?

Answer Depends on the car. Most sedans and coups have 16 or 20 (i.e. 4 or 5 on each wheel). Midsize trucks often have 5 per wheel. Larger trucks, 6 per wheel. Large trucks (Ford F-250s and the like) 8 per wheel. Buses and larger vehicles can have 10 or more per wheel.

Explain why large trucks have bigger steering wheels than small trucks or cars?

The rotation of the steering shaft drives the turning of the wheels, and buses and large trucks have wheels which are significantly more massive than cars' and light trucks', requiring more torque on the steering shaft to turn the wheels. The larger steering wheel gives a mechanical advantage in turning the steering shaft; a longer moment-arm from the application of force by the driver on the steering wheel results in a larger torque on the steering shaft from the same force applied.

Are simi trucks all-wheel drive?


Do all trucks have 4 wheel drive?


What type of vehicles would have a fifth wheel hitch?

Fifth wheel hitches usually come on or can be installed on pickup trucks. They are most suitable for more heavy-duty trucks as opposed to lighter trucks.

What is the advantage of a rear wheel drive vehicle?

Rear wheel drive vehicles are better able to deal with loads, that's why there are few, if any, front wheel drive pickup trucks, and zero front wheel drive commercial trucks.

Does Chevrolet make font wheel drive trucks?

No they did not.

How does wheels help us in daily works?

wheels are used everyday. Cars, bikes, buses, planes and trains. Many forms of transport rely on the wheel. Shopping trollies, trucks, forklifts. Wheels allow heavy weights to roll easily and move.

Are buses just like big cars?

Buses are much different vehicles. Different powertrains, different suspension systems, and, depending on what type of bus you refer to, RR platforms (rear engine, real wheel drive) can be quite common, whereas they're quite rare on cars.

What are bud wheels?

Bud wheels are a kind of wheel rim design commonly used in commercial trucks and buses. They consist of two components: the wheel itself and a removable center disk that mounts onto the wheel hub. This design allows for easier changes or repairs to the wheel components.

Where are the wheel cylinders on cars?

The wheel cylinders are generally located inside the wheel drums on cars and trucks. They work the brake shoes.