Why do people have dice in their cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it makes the car look amazing, no other reason really.

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Q: Why do people have dice in their cars?
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Why do they hang fuzzy dice in cars?

It was popular back in the 1950's. People do it now for nostalgia.

What is rolling 12 on a pair of dice called?

box cars

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One cube is a die, many are dice. So you cannot have one dice. The answer depends on what the die is made of and on how large it is. You can get sponge dice for rear-view mirrors in cars (why??!) which are lighter that some playing dice.

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a dice for controlled by a circuit board for people who are unable to roll a dice or yound children. It is used by pressing a button

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A dice cogger is a person who use to 'dice' people up in the Elizabethan times as a form of punishment, which resulted in death.

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There is no "dice" that Jewish people play with. You might be thinking of a dreidel, which is a kind of spinning top played on Hanukkah.

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u just do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a riddle. Dice Dice is "Paradise" (pair of dice).

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a set of multiple 6 sided dice, one or two 10 sided dice, an 8 sided dice, a 4 sided dice, a 12 sided dice, a 20 sided dice, the players handbook, the monsters manual, multiple people (at least 2 one of which must have the dungeon masters guide) and paper and pencil.

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cars dont the people driving it does :)

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No. People cannot eat cars.

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