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When the car vis moving u are at the same pace with but a sudden brake stops the motion of the car but not yours

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

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Q: Why do passengers in a car fly forward when the car comes to a sudden stop?
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Which force is responsible when a bicycle comes to a sudden stop?

Unless it stops on account of having run into something - friction.

When you are in a car it comes to a sudden stop what happens to your body?

Your body wants to continue to travel in the direction the vehicle was going.

When was Sudden Stop created?

Sudden Stop was created on 1990-06-15.

Why is it to important to wear seatbelt in a car in relation to forces and motion?

Newton 3rd law says for every action of force there is an equal and opposite reaction. When a car stops suddenly the passengers want to move opposite toward the windshield so the seat belts prevent this.

A galloping horse comes to a sudden stop. Its rider is thrown over the head of thehorse and lands on the ground?

that sounds painful

What is the sudden stop of heart function?

The sudden stop of heart function is called cardiac arrest.

Is inertia harmful or useful to man?

Inertia can be useful and harmful to man. A speeding car will be able to maintain some of its speed by inertia, but a sudden stop will violently transfer that inertia to the passengers' bodies.

How do barrels on interstates lessen the severity of a crash?

It's not speed that kills, it's the sudden stop. Barrels make the sudden stop less sudden. by spreading the stop over time.

What is the importance of yellow lane on the platform beside the passageway of trains in train stations?

The yellow line is there to stop passengers getting too close to the platform edge when trains are not scheduled to stop at any given station, they are also there to make sure passengers don't get too close to the train before it comes to a complete stop.

What is the purpuse of seat belt in vehicles?

In a collision that brings the vehicle to a sudden stop, seat belts will prevent people inside the vehicle from being thrown forward, often through the windsceen.

How does a seatbelt increase the safety of the driver?

They prevent the driver from being flung into the windshield, steering wheel or out of the car in case of an accident where the car comes to a sudden stop.

When a car stops suddenly and a passenger falls forward what law of motion is demonstrated?

The Law of Inertia states that an object in motion remains in motion and an object at rest remains at rest unless and unbalanced, outside force acts upon that object. Because the passengers are "attached" to the bus, they have the same inertia as the bus. But because the passengers are technically seperated, they have their own inertia. So when the bus is slowing down to a stop, the passengers inertia are to keep moving forward. As the bus moves back, the passengers want to keep moving forward. Which is why they lurch forward as the bus decelerates.