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It is because there must be a friction between the tyres of an automobile and the is for the same reason that special kinds of grooves are made in tyres so that they offer the required amount of friction.

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Q: Why do new automobile tires have deep grooves?
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When replacing car tires do width and ratio have to be the same as old tires?

The new tires have to match what the automobile manufacturer requires for that vehicle.

When do you change tires?

get a penny, and place it upside down (with Lincoln's head facing down) in one of the grooves. if you can see the top of the head its time to get new tires.

How deep is semi truck tread from cords?

DOT minimums are 2/32ds for trailer tires and drive tires, and 4/32nds for steer tires. New from the factory, it varies between tires. Drive tires may come new at up to 28/32nds, while steer tires tend to be closer to 19/32nds new.

Where is the cheapest place for tired?

Canadian Tire has been the leading provider of new automobile tires for more than three decades. They provide the best price and highest quality tires for any season.

Where can I get automobile tires for sale?

When searching for new tires for a 2008 Toyota Corolla, Online retailers like provide easy access and a variety of Brands to choose from. prices range from $80 to 160 per tire.

Do you get new brakes or new tires first?

new tires. If the tires brake, you'll need it

How do you clean knotty pine walls?

The best thing to use is a standard automobile paste wax. It cleans deep and leaves a like new shine

Why do your rotors have small grooves after installing new rotors and brakes?

Your rotors had the grooves before, from the old pads. You should have had them turned. Next time check rotors at time of fitting new pads. If you can see or feel grooves then they should be repaired.

Are new tires faster than old tires in Nascar?

Yes the new tires are faster and do not slip.

What services does National Tire and Battery provide?

The National Tire and Battery shop offers a variety of automobile services. A few of these services are: new and used tires, tire rotation and oil changes.

When do you need new tires on your car?

When the tires wear down to the wear bars. Wear bars are a set of raised lines located in the main grooves, between the tread, that run around the circumference of the tire(usually 3 or 4). These bars indicate when the tread is down to the min. (2/32nds). You will see a line form across the grooves when replacement is needed. 2/32nds is the minimum tread depth, aqua planning becomes a big concern at/below this tread depth. Another way is to use a penny and if Lincoln's head is hidden by tread, the tire is still ok, if it is not, the tires need replacing. Other factors are if the tire is dry rotted( rubber is cracking like a dry lake) of there is signs of damage, bubbles, deep cuts, feathering, cupping.

Why do new tires whine?

Only aggressive tread new tires whine.